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Health at 53 High St, Leatherhead KT22 8AG, UK, Leatherhead, Greater London, KT22 8AG . Here you will find detailed information about Dr Acupuncture Therapy Centre: address, phone, fax, opening hours, customer reviews, photos, directions and more.

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Greater London
53 High St, Leatherhead KT22 8AG, UK, Leatherhead, Greater London, KT22 8AG
KT22 8AG

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About Dr Acupuncture Therapy Centre

Dr Acupuncture Therapy Centre is a UK Health based in Leatherhead, Greater London. Dr Acupuncture Therapy Centre is located at 53 High St, Leatherhead KT22 8AG, UK,

Please contact Dr Acupuncture Therapy Centre using information below: Address, Phone number, Fax, Postal code, Website address, E-mail, Facebook. Find Dr Acupuncture Therapy Centre opening hours and driving directions or map. Find real customer reviews and ratings or write your own review.

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Reviews of Dr Acupuncture Therapy Centre

  • AMY
    Added 2016.06.19
    My family and I have been going to Dr Wang over nine years ago. I have had experience with several acupuncturists. I prefer to use acupuncture to help and cure ailments. I had a bad sciatica. MRI had shown disk slip between L4 -L5. Specialist consultant advised an operation. I am too afraid of operations. After Dr Wang's gentle acupuncture I have had, amazing things happened with no pain involved. My pain was finished. I had gone back to day-to-day life. Dr Wang is very professional and empathetic.
    Added 2015.08.15
    I cannot rate Dr Wang highly enough. I wish I could give her 10 stars. I am well used to back pain having had neurosurgery but had never suffered from sciatica before until about a month ago. The pain was so bad especially in my ankle and foot that I couldn't walk properly. I went to Dr Wang purely because I walked past the clinic and thought what harm could it do to try it. A visit to the Osteopath had just made things worse. The needles didnt hurt, in fact I didnt even feel them in my back. You are left to relax in the room and I noticed that my back was heating up rather like having a deep heat patch on, a nice relief. The needles were removed and Dr Wang massaged my back and leg. I was astounded when I got up. I had lost about 50% of pain. Of course the pain came back again after about 24hrs but a series of six sessions has more or less seen off the symptoms. I would not have believed this possible without medication etc a month ago. She also knew where the pain was, straight away. If you ask her, she will also tell you about acupuncture and how it works and the symptoms it works best for. I will be going for accupressure once a month as a kind of top up from now on. I really thought I was in for further surgery and now I am fine and pain free. If you have any kind of nagging pain that you treat with painkillers then go and try Dr Wang because you dont have anything to lose and quite a lot to gain.
    Added 2014.10.16
    I found this acupuncture clinic by passing by and thought I would go inside to check it out. I had acupuncture done before for health problems, but I found this doctor to be more knowledgeable in explaining how it will help and what to expect. I found Dr Wang to be widely experienced. She worked in a big hospital for decades indeed. She pulled up my MRI and explained to me my conditions. I am on my 4th session and have already seen a great improvement in my condition. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking to improve their health conditions through acupuncture. Thanks.
    Added 2014.08.04
    I went to Dr Wang on the recommendation of a friend after I had the Bell's Palsy. I did not have any previous experience with acupuncture, so I was very surprised to see slight improvement after my first visit, and then BIG improvement after fifth visit. Dr. Wang was friendly and quick; and she was completely in control of my treatment, by which I mean that she knew exactly how to chase down a neurological ailment and fix it. It was such a relief, and my face looked normal. The needles really don't hurt.I strongly recommend her to friends and family. She's the best !!
  • ADAM
    Added 2013.12.03
    Amazing doctor - I cannot rate Dr Wang highly enough!!! She is a very special person, with over 30 years experience in China, and now we are fortunate enough to have her based in Leatherhead. I had terrible siatica, and had never experienced this before, which was fortunate, as it was absolute agony. I could not sleep, stand or sit in any position for 2.5 weeks, without being in excruciating agony!! I could not work, and had to get signed off by my gp. As I work bank shifts in a hospital, I did not get paid for the time I had off work. I was on co-codamol and other pain killers, to actually try to sleep at night. After I arrived back at work, I saw Dr Wang's clinic, walking past, and went in to explain what had recently happened. Dr Wang was deeply concerned that I was taking co-codamol (prescribed by my gp) every 4 hours, as she said that they are very strong, and I had put huge amounts into my body over the last few weeks, so I booked an appointment for the next day, as she was totally booked up. I felt better immediately, and booked a course of 6 treatments immediately. After only 2 sessions, with no word of a lie, I literally started sleeping and came off the pain killers altogether. Dr Wang knew exactly where the problems were on my back and left leg, and even knew enough as to tell me exactly which discs had been pulled apart. She said she could guarantee that if she saw an MRI scan, it would be the exact discs she'd described. She even pointed it out on a wooden anatomical model, that she had in her clinic. After 6 sessions, I was hugely well, and could walk without limping again. I have studied anatomy, and Dr Wang and I had some amazing discussions about clinical things, and she told me all about her extensive studies in some major hospitals in China, when she was quite young and starting out. She said she spent very long shifts, to include weekends, just studying medicine and anatomy on the wards and in theatre. Apparently, you cannot begin acupuncture, until you have at least 2 years with a sound knowledge of medicine and anatomy. Dr Wang then went on to study acupuncture for another 5 years, and became a specialist in her field. One day, I asked Dr Wang if she could take my blood pressure, as I was feeling a lot better, due to her continued care, and she did so, with a lot of expertise. My blood pressure was very good, and Dr Wang even helped me with a wart I had growing on my foot. She mixed me up some Chinese herbs and vinegar, and told me to dab it on after a warm bath, which would kill the root of the problem. As ever, she was right, so has helped me in many ways, and did not charge me for this extra support. As a huge thank you, I took Dr Wang a huge bouquet of flowers, for being just about the most specialist and amazing acupuncture therapist that there is. She tells me they are still alive, and she's put a couple in her back garden. Every time I walk past Dr Wang's clinic and see her in the reception area, I briefly pop and and she gives me a huge hug. Thank you also Dr Wang, for the lovely sesame and chocolate biscuits you gave me recently, they taste really lovely. If I ever get any twinges in my leg again, I will have a couple of sessions with Dr Wang - immediately!! Better than having over 2 weeks unpaid, off work. Everyone in Leatherhead knows about and goes to Dr Wang, just via word of mouth, as her reputation has travelled far and wide. There are so many amateurs out there, who have not studied to degree level and then beyond, for over 7 years in some major hospitals in China. Thank goodness I was lucky enough to walk into her clinic on the day that I did, when I was still feeling so unwell. Money very well spent. I would give Dr Wang 20 stars, and it would probably not even be enough. It is a pleasure to write this review to a very talented doctor and beautiful friend.
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